Games for the OEM
Games and other Digital Content
Winwap has aggregated through partners and content providers a large selection of different games, entertainment apps, videos, music and other distributable digital content for various operating systems and platforms. The games and apps are created by different software vendors from all over the world. All this digital content is now provided by Winwap specifically for Appstores and other high volume distributions, including pre-loading into OEM devices. The content is primarily distributed on the Chinese and South East Asian markets, and is the content is localized for each market.
Winwap provides the digital content through the support and content delivery system that has been developed and improved upon during the past ten years. The system enables Winwap to efficiently support customers and deliver content in a reliable and trackable way. The content lists are provided in digital form for online browsing in the content support system as well. This means that instead of only receiving information in PPT or PDF formats, we instead give access to review complete marketing materials for the games online, including the high resoultion images and other materials provided by the game providers.
Every aspect of the licensing and technical support services offered by Winwap are optimized to be satisfactory to typical Appstore, OEM, ODM and SoC processes. At Winwap we use our long experience with OEM customers to the benefit of our partners & suppliers. This arrangement allows Winwap to act as the professional gateway to connect the Game vendors with the OEM and Carrier customers in China, Taiwan and other markets.

Games & Applications for 

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Set Top Box / OTT
  • Smart TV
  • HD Screens
  • Combinations of these (e.g. Separated Screen & GUI)
  • Devices with special input, like Motion Sensors and Gyroscopes etc.
  • In-App Purchase enabled appstores
  • Multi-player, Online playing

We offer Standard, Branded and Premium quality games and content for distribution and pre-installation using revenuesharing or buy-out models.

Independent Appstore Solution

For the OEM and Telecom Carrier that wants to use their own Appstore instead of such appstores that might be provided with the operating systems (e.g. Google Play on Android), we offer a complete Appstore solution. This standalone Appstore system can be populated with any amount of content either by Winwap or by the customer. Contact us to learn more about how your company can generate additional revenue through having your own Appstore solution!

Game Categories / Genres



  • Action
    1. Slicer
    2. Ball and paddle
    3. Beat 'em up and hack and slash
    4. Fighting game
    5. Maze game
    6. Pinball game
    7. Platform game
    8. Shooter (generic)
    9. Shooter: First-person shooter
    10. Shooter: MMO FPS
    11. Shooter: Light gun shooter
    12. Shooter: Shoot 'em up (SHMUP)
    13. Shooter: Tactical shooter
    14. Shooter: Rail shooter
    15. Shooter: Third-person shooter
    16. Generic
  • Action-Adventure
    1. Stealth game
    2. Survival horror
    3. Generic
  • Adventure
    1. Generic
    2. Real-time 3D adventures
    3. Text adventures
    4. Graphic adventures
    5. Visual novels
  • By Purpose
    1. Adult game
    2. Art game
    3. Casual game
    4. Christian game
    5. Educational game
    6. Electronic Sports
    7. Serious game
    8. Other App (not game)
    9. For Children
    10. For Teenagers
    11. Entertainment
  • Detective Packed Adventure
    1. Generic
  • Other
    1. Space theme
    2. Racing game
    3. Generic
    4. Music game
    5. Party game
    6. Programming game
    7. Puzzle game
    8. Sports game
    9. Trivia game
    10. Board game / Card game
  • Role-playing
    1. Generic
    2. Western RPGs
    3. Use of fantasy in RPGs
    4. Sandbox RPGs
    5. Action RPGs
    6. MMORPGs
    7. Rogue RPGs
    8. Tactical RPGs
  • Simulation
    1. Physics Engine
    2. Generic
    3. Construction and management
    4. Life simulation
    5. Vehicle simulation
  • Strategy
    1. 4X game
    2. Artillery game
    3. Real-time strategy (RTS)
    4. Real-time tactics
    5. Tower defense
    6. Turn-based strategy
    7. Turn-based tactics
    8. Wargame
    9. Generic
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Java
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • iOS
  • PC

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