New MMS SDK and new WinWAP website released


  • MMS Stack SDK released
  • New WinWAP website & logo online

Happy New Year! We started this year by releasing a new SDK product for sending and retrieving MMS messages, while we have totally renewed our website to provide better information about the WinWAP products.

MMS Stack SDK:

The MMS Stack SDK is a programming library that contains both the WAP protocols (MM1) needed to send and retrieve MMS messages as well as all the encoding and decoding functionality for handling the messages themselves. With this new library you can quickly build solutions for automated MMS sending or customized testing and measuring solutions for MMS services. Click here for more information about the product

New website:

In December last year our company name was changed to Winwap Technologies and we have now published our new company logo and website.

Please update your bookmarks, and links on any websites that link to the old address at or

Let us know if you have any comments or questions!
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