RoyalTek buys Winwap’s WEB Browser for Connected PND devices

RoyalTek Company Ltd. and Winwap Technologies Oy announce that RoyalTek licenses Winwap's Browser to provide access to the WEB from Connected Personal Navigation Devices (PND).


"We are proud to have our Browser integrated on RoyalTek's connected navigation devices," says Mikael Krogius, CEO, Winwap Technologies. "We have versions of all our products that are specifically customized to provide maximum value on PND that are connected to the internet. RoyalTek now provides very innovative PND technology and now make them ever more powerful by adding the browser to them and thus letting users not only find locations but also browse for information about those locations".

"As we see a stronger focus placed on the importance of mobile internet accessing and great growing of internet social community, it is important that people request internet information all the time " said Jacky Chen, Vice President of RoyalTek. "Winwap is the best leading-edge solution that help people access far and wide digital world. RoyalTek now have the best opportunity in difference-making competition to increase market share"

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About Winwap Technologies Oy

Winwap Technologies is specialized in software technologies for Mobile internet browsing, Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and Email for embedded platforms. The product portfolio includes customizable applications that allow OEM's to integrate with their Smartphone, PND or DPF products quickly and Software Development Kit products that provide WAP, Browser, MMS, SMS, Email functionality for easy integration into any other products. Winwap in 2010 turns 15 years old and is a privately owned company that was founded by Mikael Krogius who is the current CEO.

About RoyalTek Company Ltd.

RoyalTek is a professional developer of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in the world. RoyalTek designs, manufactures, and markets for worldwide PND OEM/ODM demands. We provide GPS Receiver , GPS Logger, GPS Engine Boards, GPS Modules, Bluetooth GPS, and Portable Navigation Devices(PND) for customers around the world. In addition to provide advanced GPS components, RoyalTek augments GPS with other positioning technologies as well as wireless communications and software to create complete customer solutions.

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