Winwap announces MMS Toolkit for MeeGo

Winwap Technologies has ported their popular and widely used Multimedia Messaging Software Development Kit (MMS Stack SDK) to the MeeGo platform. The MMS Stack SDK is a programming toolkit with powerful API and demonstration source codes that allows a developer to add MMS messaging functionality with minimal effort. The MMS Stack SDK comes with technical support from Winwap developers to assure a smooth integration process. MeeGo is used as the operating system for devices such as netbooks/entry-level desktops, handheld computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, and media phones.

The MMS Stack SDK from Winwap Technologies is a mature software solution used by customers globally on products ranging from smartphones to industrial grade quality assuring and testing solutions. The product includes a, for MMS purposes optimized, Wireless Application Protocol stack (WAP Stack) for MMS message transport. Other features that help developers quickly integrate with their own device or software solution include samples for filtering out MMS Notification (WAP Push) SMS messages, and demonstrations of retrieving the actual MMS messages. The Application Programming Interface (API) of the toolkit provides easy methods for encoding, sending, retrieving the MMS Messages and decoding/extracting the content of the MMS message. The MMS Stack SDK can be evaluated for free.

The MMS SDK has previously been ported to or launched on platforms including Win32, WinCE, Windows Mobile, Brew, BrewMP, Linux, Embedded Linux and Arena. A port to the Android platform is soon to be available as well, that allows easy adding of MMS functionality to any other application on the Android platform. The underlying WAP Stack of protocols that is used for MMS message transport can also be provided separately for any of the mentioned platforms.

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About Winwap Technologies Oy

Winwap Technologies is specialized in software technologies for Mobile internet browsing (WAP) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and Mobile Email. The product portfolio includes the popular Winwap browser and Software Development Kits for WAP browsing, WAP connectivity, Multimedia Messaging and Email. The company is privately owned and was founded in 1995 by Mikael Krogius who currently is the CEO of the company.

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