Winwap Technologies turns 15 years old

Winwap Technologies was founded on the 23rd of February 1995. As we turn 15 we publish this short announcement to thank our customers and partners for the yeas that have passed, and look forward to being part of mobile communications and information browsing for years to come.

In the past 15 years there have been millions of Winwap browsers downloaded and millions of software products deployed on wireless handheld devices or as part of other products and solutions all over the world.

During these past 15 years the way people communicate has changed significantly. When the company was founded we used to distribute and host popular electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) software, which enabled computer enthusiasts to connect to other computers using modems over landline telephone wires. Users quickly adopted the Internet once the technologies to serve (like Apache HTTP Web Server which announced their 15th anniversary on the same day as Winwap Technologies turns 15) and use the web grew mature enough and the surfing era began. Winwap joined the mobile web community by creating the world's first PC WAP Browser as early as 1999, and has since expanded into WEB Browser, Multimedia Messaging and Email for wireless devices.

Today the product portfolio is targeted at companies needing to integrate WAP, WEB, MMS or Email functionality into either heavy duty Quality of Service tools for telecom carriers or any other solutions that needs the functionality for any purpose AND at wireless device manufacturers (OEM) and businesses working in the embedded platform space where any type of device these days may benefit from any of our technologies once the device is connected to a network.

Mikael Krogius, founder and CEO
Winwap Technologies


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