Winwap announces availability of USB Modem Client and Host Drivers

Winwap Technologies announces availability of the USB Modem Stack, a complete set of USB Modem Client and Host Drivers. The complete software solution is targeted at OEM and System On Chip (SoC) manufacturers of hardware that includes wireless broadband modules that have a USB interface. This complete Modem driver solution from Winwap includes both the drivers needed on the Client device to share the broadband over USB to a Host device, and the Host drivers needed to utilize the network provided over USB.

"With the USB Modem Stack we strengthen our total portfolio of software technologies for telecommunications related functionality of consumer and professional devices. Now that we in addition to the messaging and browsing related software technologies provide USB Modem drivers, our customers can get more from one vendor and save on resources when working with fewer vendors. For all our products we provide flexible licensing as well as competitive pricing bundled with quick and dedicated support," says Mikael Krogius, CEO, Winwap Technologies.

Wireless broadband modems can be pre-integrated by the OEM with hardware solutions like Tablet computers, Netbooks and Notebooks while still internally connect using USB. For consumers without pre-integrated modems on their PC, the wireless internet USB broadband modems are available as stand-alone USB dongles that consumers connect to their own PC, or the wireless internet USB broadband modem is integrated into a Smartphone type of device that the consumer connects to their PC using a USB cable. For all these hardware combinations, and any other type of solution where the wireless internet is provided by a modem with USB interface, Winwap can provide a completely customized modem driver solution for both the Client side embedded platform as well as Host device drivers, including Host Driver WHQL Certification.

The throughput of Winwap's USB Modem Stack solution is excellent and can easily handle the speeds needed for a Host device to benefit from the high speed 3G, 4G and LTE wireless modems. Such high throughput is realized among other things by the software utilizing the latest frameworks available for developing such technology for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The USB Client Stack is pre-ported to many 8, 16 and 32 bit Controllers and OS abstraction available for the most popular platforms and further customization can be performed on request in short timeframes. Winwap provides very fast response times for support incidents and provides flexible licensing and support terms.

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