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Wireless Cloud System (DevSyncMan)

The DevSyncMan Wireless Cloud System is a combination of a Server Component running in the Cloud, a Client Component that is installed on each device that should be connected to the Cloud. The system and services are provided by Winwap who can maintain and configure the total system regardless if the Server is running in Winwap datacenters or on OEM/SoC hardware systems.

The solution provides a simple way to offer users of devices advanced Cloud Synchronization (backup) of their devices Over The Air, as well as provides a system for managing, maintaining and tracking the devices remotely.


 Remote Manage Devices in Cloud

 Add consumer value

  • Track when device is first used (e.g. upon first use it registers server side)
  • Track location ("by IP address") of device, and gather generic knowledge of where devices are used (also useful for stationary devices, such as Smart TV and related consumer electronics)
  • Identify app/system versions, and Push software updates to Device
    Identify problems on Device remotely (e.g. Battery dead, temperature too hot, etc.)
  • Provides return communication channel to device (e.g. push a message to be shown to user)
  • Provides possibility for targeted advertising to device users
  • Server website console includes consumer (e.g. device user) and OEM interfaces and the system can be customized to OEM requirements.
  • Locate Device on Map from server website console
  • Remote Lock Device from server website console
  • Remote Wipe Device from server website console
  • Synchronize/Backup Device data (Pictures, Calendars, Contacts, SMS, Settings, or ANY other data depending on storage resources and preference)
  • Restore Backed up data after factory reset or to new device
  • No SIM card required for above features! (e.g. a stolen device will remote wipe also if it is connected over WiFi the first time after removing the SIM card)

For further information please download the following PDF docments with further information or contact us !

The client application is available for the following Operating Systems:

  • Android: from 2.2 to 4.0
  • Windows Phone OS: 7.1 and over
  • Windows Mobile: 5.0 to 6.5, all touch and non-touch versions
  • Symbian: S80, S60, from S60 3rd Edition to all Symbian^3 versions, UIQ 3
  • SonyEricsson: JavaPlatform (JP)
  • Nokia Series 40: from 2nd Edition onwards
  • RIM Blackberry OS: from 5 to 7
  • iOS: from 4 to 5 (Q1 2012)
  • Samsung Bada: 2.0 (~Q2 2012)
  • Meego: 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9, and Nokia N950)