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MMS Stack SDK capabilities

General capabilities

  • Supports MMS encapsulation versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
  • MM1 protocol - Send MMS trough WAP Gateway (WSP/WTP and WP-HTTP with or without encryption)
  • GPRS Modem handling (Establish & Close connection, Enter PIN, Select APN. Available for Win32 versions)
  • Encode to binary MMS format (including attachments)
  • Decode from binary MMS format
  • Save/Load binary MMS messages to/from file
  • Decode SMS messages (WAP Push SMS message decoding)
  • Easy to use & implement in any programming language
  • Extended samples in C/C++, VB, Delphi and .NET
  • The MM4 and MM7 protocols can be added on request:
    • MM4 - SMTP (Email) based sending of MMS messages
    • MM7 - Send directly to MMSC with SOAP over HTTP

ActiveX, DLL or .NET?

For Win32 and WinCE the MMS Stack SDK is available as either a DLL library, ActvieX control or .net libarary. The MMS Stack ActiveX SDK is easier to implement and a better solution for programmers that have less experience with network technologies. For optimized speed and maximum configuration capabilities the DLL or .net versions should be used.

Embedded Platform

The MMS Stack SDK has been ported to many platforms. Please contact Winwap for an estimate of how to port for your own platform.